Hotel Planning

At Hospitality Depot, we understand that hotels need much more than just decorating … they need good design that creates a “Wow!” effect. Regardless of the type of hotel you have planned, from Luxury to Budget accommodations, we design not only for aesthetics, but functionality as well. In addition, we understand the need for “Green” within our designs – because it’s important to you – it’s important to us.

Gone are the days when people concentrate on convenient location, great service, or extraordinary views. While these aspects are certainly still important, more and more visitors provide feedback regarding a property in terms of its design and the way the patron “felt” when they stayed in the rooms or dined at the facility. Basically, the “Experience”.
Hotel owners who are savvy to these industry trends will want to use design to differentiate themselves from their competition, which is why you should contact Hospitality Depot when you go from concept to the planning stages.

We can assist you with:

  • Design–Designing a well-integrated décor utilizing functional furnishings that reflects your unique local flavor
  • Purchase–Finding the best value, comparing multiple vendors and incorporating value engineering into the process
  • Logistics–Timely scheduling and deliveries installed by professionals

You want your guests to have more than just a good night’s rest … you want them to have an unforgettable experience that will translate into word-of-mouth marketing, which will, in turn, increase your return on investment.

Finally, Hospitality Depot understands that when your guests leave your hotel … they should be so enthusiastic about your property that they’re planning their return trip! Our satisfied clients keep coming back to us as well! This is the result of great “hospitality”, and why we incorporated it as part of our name!