Just as Hospitality Depot includes Best Practices in our FF&E business, when we begin working with eateries, we also build a foundation on Best Practices for RESTAURANTS:

    We understand that your place of business must :

  • have a unique niche market concept,
  • provide superior service from the customer’s arrival to departure, while at the same time
  • manage costs.

Hospitality Depot considers your unique concept within the design phase of the project by providing “themed” furniture (*Note:  See the special décor offered at WICKED WHEEL in Panama City Beach, FL.), or visualizing the atmosphere you want to create with a design that produces  “no bad seats”, which should be the goal of any restaurant.  Together, we determine: How high do the seats need to be?  What’s the eye level of the seating as you walk around the room?  We can even design an area, right at the dreaded kitchen door, which provides a pleasant outcome for someone who must be seated there.

The flow pattern of the tables, chairs, and booths is vital in the design layout, because a bad set up can cause irritation for your servers, which may result in bad customer service.  How wide do the aisles need to be to provide efficient service, yet not making guests feel isolated?  And, have you considered décor that will act as noise abatement, so that guests don’t have to raise their voices to communicate?

We help you manage your costs with efficiency, as well as with quality furnishings, which will last for years to come.  From your furniture choices to artwork that compliments your theme, we want your restaurant to stand out from your competitors.  Table linens are also part of our specialized service to restaurants.

Your act of welcoming, hosting, and entertaining guests is what Hospitality Depot understands – which is why we made it part of our name!  Find out how our Best Practices can “work” for you!